Manicure Tools

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Blue Cross | Cuticle Remover

Quick, easy, safe! The surest way to prepare cuticles Blue Cross Cuticle Remover is enriched with la..


BMC | Nail aprons

Can't use our Poli-Peel because you have a latex allergy? We want to give you nails a Latex-Free hug..


BMC | Vinyl Nail Stencil Set Pack 3

Set of 8 sheets - hundreds of decals  Easy to use, peel & stick - High quality vinyl&..


Clear Nail Wheel

This nail art wheel is perfect for swatching all your polishes & practicing & displaying you..


Cuticle Brush

This brush is the perfect size, shape and firmness to enable easy cuticle clean up. Make your nail a..


Cuticle Pusher | Clear Plastic | 2 pieces

Made of clear plastic with a flat on one end and a 45 degree angle (red tip) on the other end. &n..


Dotting Tool & Brush Set | 8 piece | Turquoise

Add life to your manicures with this special brush and dotting tool set! These unique nail art b..


Dotting Tools

5 double ended dotting tools with a range of tip sizes. ..


Glass nail file

Glass nail files are gentle on your nails, and they are super pretty too! ..


Nail Art Brush Kit | 20 piece

Making nail designs has never been so easy. This set comes with 20 nail art tools including: ..


Nail Polish Swatch Sticks

Clear nails on a stick used for swatching and organising nail polish colours or nail art designs. 50..


Remover Clips | 10 pack

Size: 4.5cm x  2cm Quantity: 10Pcs/Pack For glitter/gel/artificial nail polish removal 1..


Striping Brush Set

A set of 3 striping brushes of varying sizes. The smaller of the brushes are also great for detail w..