About Us

Thank you for your interest in Drama Queen Nails.

Drama Queen Nails is a multi-faceted business that reviews, promotes, uses and sells a wide variety of nail art supplies in Australia. We operate across multiple social media platforms as well as operating an online shop. As well as suppling a huge range of nail art supplies we also offer tutorials,  DIY nail art workshops and nail parties where you can get together with your friends and have a fabulous night playing nails and improving your skills - we come to you!  Please email us here for more information about booking a party or workshop.

Who are Drama Queen Nails?

We are two sisters with a passion for all things nails and a tendency for dramatic flair. Our names are Casey and Jules. We live in Brisbane, QLD. We use all the products in our shop ourselves and also with our clients. We only stock high quality products that we love and trust. We started Drama Queen Nails in January 2011 and in that time have grown to have over 600 products and 100000+ followers on social media! We often do product reviews and tutorials on our blog which can be found here

Why did we decide to start our online shop?

We love nails! But more importantly we know nails - the good and bad of nail products, the latest and greatest releases and the newest nail trends and tricks. We also realised that living in Australia made it hard to get our hands on nail supplies because the international postage costs were so prohibitive when buying products from a range of overseas places. So with all the best products together in one place we now have the buying power to purchase wholesale quantities of nail supplies in order to offer great products at great prices for our Australian customers without the huge international postage costs. 

What products do you stock?

We have everything you need to create DIY nail art; stamping plates, nail polish, top coats, decals, nail polish remover, manicure tools and lot, lots more!  Our priority in choosing and stocking products is based around nail art tools - not nail enhancement although we do stock a great range of strengthening products for natural nails. We DO NOT supply products for applying or refilling artificial nails. You do not need to be a qualified nail technician to use any of our products. Our products are safe to use at home and we strive very hard to only stock products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Where can I see some pictures of your products on nails?

Come and join DQN on any of our social media sites. We post DAILY nail art pictures with the products that we have used to create them. Get inspired and let your creativity flow!







Twitter: @dramaqueennails  


We would like further information.

The best way to get in contact with us is via email. You can use the contact form on our online shop here or email us directly at